Thursday, April 28, 2011

My Small Successes XXXIX

In honor of my yummy cookies, I'm posting Small Successes two weeks in a row.  Danielle Bean says, "It’s important for moms to recognize that all the small successes in our days can add up to one big triumph."

1. Inspired by last week's success buying new cookies sheets, I actually made cookies for Easter.

Here are the Oreo cookies, complete with blue and green frosting. (First Daughter wanted purple, but I discovered too late we were completely out of red food coloring.) They are delicious and do taste surprisingly like real Oreo cookies.

We also made sugar cookies with some of our new sprinkles. I was trying out  a new recipe, one that doesn't require rolling them out and using cookie cutters. I love cookie cutters, but it's certainly faster to do without. I overmelted the butter so I had to drop them rather than roll them, but they are delicious! They melt in your mouth and even Kansas Dad, who does not really like sugar cookies, approves. First Son approves of the Oreo-look-alikes.

2. All four of the kids were great at mass for Easter. No one had to go out the back during the mass! More their success than mine or Kansas Dad's but we'll take it when we can.

3. I survived basketball! Our last day of spring basketball camp was yesterday. First Son loved it and has really improved his passing and shooting skills. I didn't have to do anything except entertain the other three for two hours once a week, but that was tough enough. First Son is already looking forward to next year's camp.

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  1. Those "oreo" cookies look great! I'll have to try those sometime.

    We have no more "easy" Masses these days. Anthony has entered that terrible disruptive phase. :(

  2. Love your success of keeping them all in Mass - That's really something to celebrate!

    That's a challenge for me, and I have only one - and he is FIVE! Which I would surely think is the point at which he can be still and participate more.....

  3. "good at mass" alwyas feels so good--both during and after.
    the cookies look fabulous.

  4. H of B, we're on our way there with Second Son.

    StorkWatched, welcome! First Son is seven and he still has trouble paying attention and participating. It helps if someone sitting next to him whispers to him about what's going on, connecting it to things we've talked about at home. With three other rambunctious little ones, though, that doesn't happen as often as it should.

    Daria, we finished off the cookies last night and I'm already wondering if I should make more this weekend!

  5. Impressive list. Congrats on a great week. Sorry for getting back to you about Small Success Thursday on Sunday, but blogger was down and I lost a lot of posts there fore a while. Thanks for being a part of Small Success Thursday!


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