Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Query 35

Serious question now.

Which do you prefer:
  • strawberry jam or jelly OR
  • strawberry something for pancakes and ice cream (sauce or syrup)?
Strawberry season is coming up. Hopefully we have a good harvest this year. Last year I was a little too pregnant to really enjoy it.


  1. It's hard to beat strawberry jam!

  2. I vote for jam, too, but then my kids have never been big fans of fruit on or in pancakes.

  3. Your strawberry jam is great! But I would vote for whichever is easier, because they all sound good.

  4. H of B, I don't really remember what was hardest or easiest. It's all blurred together! The syrup was probably the hardest. I remember we had to actually measure its temperature.

    Tiffany, our kids like blueberry pancakes, but they won't even try strawberry sauce or syrup on them.

    Jill and Tiffany, if you come visit, you can take some jam home with you! (Well, maybe you wouldn't want to pack it if you're flying, but you could eat it while you're here.)


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