Saturday, May 21, 2011

I Predicted It

Back when I posted about my cold-brewed iced tea, I mentioned I wanted to buy a plain glass pitcher when my iced tea jar broke.

Well, that day has come.

Kansas Dad was putting something away and just bumped the jar, while it was sitting in the fridge full of tea. It cracked and broke in two, spilling tea all through the fridge.

So now I get a new pitcher and I have a gleaming fridge!


  1. Wonderful...two birds with one break!!!!!! I'm assuming our southern SWEET tea is quite different than the tea you make!

  2. Ha! That's funny, BlessedMom! Yes, I'm sure the tea is different. I like my tea unsweetened. No sugar, Splenda, honey or anything.

  3. Too funny!! Congrats on your new pitcher!

  4. I broke mine last year, so now I have a plastic one. Not too elegant but at least it won't break! So who cleaned the fridge? If Kansas Dad did, then you really got a good deal!

  5. H of B, he offered, but he had just told the kids he'd take them outside to play soccer, so I sent them all out with him and cleaned it myself. They had a good time outside playing and I hate to play soccer, so it worked out.

    Right now I have my tea in a plastic one, but it leaks and I'm trying to avoid plastic as much as I can, so I do think I'll get a glass one eventually.


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