Monday, May 23, 2011

Second Daughter Swimming

Second Daughter was pretending to be a whale. She would belly crawl across the floor saying "Mwim! Mwim!" (That's "swim" in Second-Daughter-ese.) Though I didn't catch it on the video, she was also yelling "Pash! Pash!" as she hit her feet on the floor. "That's my dail!" ("Splash" and "That's my tail," also in Second-Daughter-ese.)

Do you like her outfit? She's sporting a lovely top, a Christmas gift selected by my sister-in-law with excellent taste. She found it at The Children's Place. She's wearing a fitted diaper covered by the lovely Thirsties Duo Cover. I have no idea where the sock is from, nor can I explain why she is only wearing one except to say that she often wears only one sock. It's a mystery.

This video was recorded on May 7th, so it's not too old.

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