Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Product Review: Wabash Valley Farms 25008 Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper

Do you love popcorn? I adore popcorn. I could eat popcorn at every meal every day and not tire of it for months!

Years ago we gave up microwave popcorn when I decided some weird chemicals in it would give us cancer. I have no idea if that's really true, but it was a risk I wasn't willing to take. We started popping our own corn on the stove. It was not very difficult and made much more delicious popcorn.

Then, our "popcorn pan" died. We replaced it with a couple of slightly different pans that we felt met our family needs a bit better - slightly larger, not non-stick, cast-iron, etc, but none of them made good popcorn. Horror!

For a few months, we suffered, until we had enough in Amazon gift certificates to buy the Wabash Valley Farms 25008 Whirley-Pop Stovetop Popcorn Popper. This pan is awesome! At first, I wondered if it was worthwhile to buy a pan that essentially only did one thing - make popcorn. We make a lot of popcorn, though, and Kansas Dad convinced me it would be ok. I am so very glad!

I must admit, I haven't yet made popcorn in this pan. Kansas Dad has made all our popcorn. He's a gourmet popcorn chef, but I've watched him use the Whirley-Pop and I think anyone could do it (including me). Instructions are included and you definitely should follow them, including seasoning the pan before your first batch. If you follow the instructions, you will be astounded at the perfect batch of popcorn every time. (Be sure to shake the pan a little as you spin the kernels to move them to the center of the pan.)

Hardly any kernels are left unpopped (and we have a bunch of the cheap stuff; hopefully next year we'll be able to grow our own again). They never burn. What more could you ask?

The pan is very easy to clean. It is thin, but I think with a little care it should last a long time.

Abandon microwave popcorn and make your own with the Whirley-Pop!

I promise - no one gave me anything for this review. I love my popcorn and I really love it when it's well-popped and at its most delicious.


  1. For some reason, the pan totally reminds me of this book, although the popper in the book looks nothing like it. It is a book I had as a kid (it's still at my parents' house), and if you can get your hands on it (it's clearly out of print), a very cute and fun read.

  2. Sounds good! We boycotted the microwave popcorn a couple years ago, too, and went back to a hot air popper. We buy popcorn in bulk. This pan looks nice, but I'm like you, and this would probably require Chad to make popcorn. With his work schedule, that might be too restrictive on our popcorn consumption!

  3. Hilary, our library doesn't have a copy of that book, but I'll have to keep an eye out for it.

    Tiffany, I made popcorn myself in this pan last night. (Kansas Dad said I had to so I could post that I had.) It's incredibly easy. Just pour the oil and popcorn in, heat and stir. In about three minutes, I had a pan full of delicious popcorn! Of course, we don't already have an air popper, so we had a greater need for the pan than you do. We also buy our popcorn in bulk and will probably have to keep buying it to supplement even if we do grow our own.


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