Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Cloth Diaper Review: Palm Tree One-Size Diaper Cover

A few months ago, Second Daughter was still wearing diapers. Because she and First Son were both wearing the large and toddler sizes, I was doing a lot of diaper juggling to make sure they both had clean diapers to wear without me doing laundry more often. Eventually, I decided I needed to augment my stash a little, so I picked up a Palm Tree One Size Diaper Cover with snaps in Bluejay. Look at that beautiful color!

The price is very affordable for a one size cover: about $10 for a diaper that is sized to fit from 7 to 35 pounds. I read this diaper is great with prefolds tucked inside. I haven't tried it over prefolds myself because Second Son needs two prefolds for enough absorbancy. He's wearing various large and toddler sized fitted diapers, some with doublers, under this cover.

These pictures are a bit old. I think Second Son is about 20 pounds here. He was just an ounce shy of 24 pounds at his 12 month visit a few weeks ago. This diaper cover just fits him over all that diaper. I tried to get a picture so you could see it's already unsnapped all the way.

I tried using this diaper on Second Daughter when it first came. She was (and still is) just a tad over 30 pounds. She would wear the same large and toddler diapers Second Son is wearing, but this cover just could not fit over the diapers on her. I kept her in the Thirsties Duo Wrap cover (size 2) when she's not in a pocket diaper.

When I put it on Second Son, I feel like there's more of a gap just at the top of his thigh than with other covers I've used, but we haven't had any leaks at all -- there or elsewhere -- with this cover. The fit at his waist seems nice and comfortable and there are no red marks on his thighs.

 All in all, I think these are a great affordable option for one size covers. I would not expect them to last until your child is 35 pounds, though. I would say we will make it at least through a few more pounds, so perhaps 28 pounds? Of course, my babies tend to be a little chunky for their height, so that might make a difference. I like the fit of the Thirsties Duo Wrap sized covers a bit better, but I might also just be noticing a preference for velcro rather than snaps. (My Duo Wrap covers are all velcro.) It's a good solid cover.

This review is my own opinion. I purchased the diaper cover myself. I do receive some small compensation if you follow the link above and make a purchase at Cloth Diaper Outlet.


  1. CottonBabies has seconds (which are always mint condition) on sale of the Flip covers, aplix and snaps currently. They are one size. I like them, but again, don't think they would fit all the way up to toddler either, as they're already a bit snug on Kolbe who is around 24lbs I think?

  2. I love finding second quality diapers. I've never had a problem with them.

    I think I like the dual sized diapers and covers better than one-size because they fit better at the very small and very big ends. It's nice to have them, too, if you have two in diapers at very different ages because you don't have to keep snapping and unsnapping them. If you're going to have enough for two, they might as well fit better.

  3. I actually find I like the Thirsties Larges better than the duos with Kolbe the size he is now, but my kids have long torsos so the rise needs to be higher. They are just a bit roomier than the duo2. It's nice finding something, and multiple things, that work!!!

  4. I got one of these covers a couple months ago for free when I ordered my cloth pads. Now that K is using dipes again I pulled it out. It works well with one of my GM prefolds trifolded. Great color, yes.

    I am actually beginning to prefer snaps I think.

  5. Monica, in general, I prefer snaps on the pocket diapers but I think I like the velcro on the covers. I think part of it is the need to baby-wrangle through two things (diaper and cover) rather than just one. Pre-folds tucked inside might solve that particular problem, but the Palm Tree cover doesn't fit over all the pre-fold I have to use with Second Son. Luckily, I only have one in diapers during the day, so I have nearly enough of the pocket diapers to last three days between washing. Unless I let them sit on the bed, unstuffed and languishing, as they are at the moment. Sigh. I really must tackle them first thing in the morning.


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