Friday, November 4, 2011

A Few Ways to Tell Second Daughter Has Been in the Bathroom

1. Her sleeves and shirt front are soaking wet.

2. Little bits of toilet paper are strewn around on the floor, many of them damp.

3. A pool of water in the sink.

4. A pool of water in front of the sink.

5. Twenty or thirty wipes piled in the trash bin.

6. Water in the fluoride-free toothpaste, sitting on the sink without a lid.

7. Hand towels, sopping wet, are draped over the side of the bath tub.

8. All of the wash cloths wandering the house, wet, of course.

9. A baby doll left lying bereft on the floor, forgotten in the joy of water in the sink.

10. Second Son laughing in the bathroom; he knows how to take advantage of his sister's carelessness in closing the door properly.

11. A pile of things in the tub, dumped there by Second Son (who giggles gleefully whenever he has the opportunity to throw things in there).

You will not be surprised to learn I spend a lot of time cleaning the bathroom and it still never seems to be clean. That is one of the prices we pay for the blessing of a three-year-old in the house.

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