Wednesday, November 2, 2011

October Book Report

Write These Laws on Your Children by Robert Kunzman (inter-library loan copy)

Young Pioneers by Rose Wilder Lane will seem familiar to anyone who has read the Little House books, though written for an older audience. Young David and Molly stake a claim, facing grasshoppers, blizzards and loneliness. It's well written and enjoyable. I was particularly struck by how little Molly had to do during the winter. She had one book of Tennyson poems and very little else to occupy her mind.  Sometimes I think weathering a winter of blizzards in a cozy little house on the prairie would be wonderful, given enough food, an Internet connection, a Kindle and an iPad. I would have made a poor settler's wife in her time, though. (library copy)

Francis: The Journey and the Dream by Murray Bodo (a review for The Catholic Company)

Chalk Box Kid by Clyde Robert Bulla is the story of Gregory's move to a new home and a new school. Things don't start out so well for him, but his creativity and artistic endeavors ease his transition. This is a fine early reader (much below First Son's reading level), but I didn't feel like it was great. (library copy)

I think it's kind of funny I commented on September's list that it was so short -- and here's October with even fewer! I am, however, in the middle of about seven books. I think that's complicating the finishing part.


  1. I often think it would be neat to have lived in the prairie/pioneer days. And then I think about what it was really like... I can't imagine raising children back then. It would have been so difficult I think!

  2. I tell Kansas Dad all the time I would have made a poor pioneer wife. We would have been heading back to "civilization" before a year had passed. I'm often struck in the Little House books how often Caroline's children or husband nearly die. Definitely not the life for me!

  3. I can't imagine being alone all winter coping with blizzards and having no connection to the outside world and not even knowing if my husband was still alive. I almost feel unsafe driving somewhere without my cell phone! And I complain if we are without the internet for a few days. :)


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