Monday, January 31, 2011

Random TIp No. 9

These waterproof bandages are awesome for a mom with a cut on her finger who changes diapers and washes her hands a hundred times a day. Keep some on hand that are not from Shark Tale.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

The Boy Loves His Rice Cereal - Banana, Not So Much

This afternoon, I put Second Son in the high chair to feed him some rice cereal. He started to fuss but as soon as he saw me headed his way with a bowl, he stopped. He knew what was coming and was thrilled.

Tonight, we tried something new. I mixed a little mashed banana in with some rice cereal. He did not care for it at all! Wrinkled his nose and turned away. What a crazy baby!

I made up some rice cereal without banana and he chowed his way through two bowls of it. (Very tiny bowls.)

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Query 32

Have you ever noticed that all clothes tags say, "Tumble dry low. Remove promptly?"

Where are the clothes with tags that say to "tumble dry low then leave in dryer for a few hours then toss into a laundry basket for a few hours or overnight?" Because we have four kids who are 7, 4, 2, and 6 months, and that's how laundry gets done around here.

Those are the clothes we need.

Starting Solids

Second Son had his six month check-up yesterday. He was around 75% for height and around 65% for weight. He weighed in at a respectable 18 pounds 5 ounces, but I was surprised because that showed only a two ounce weight gain from his four month appointment. The RN was not worried at all as he seems perfectly healthy and babies often drop some of their "extra" weight around 6 months.

But I was (and am) a bit distraught. I'm concerned my illness over the past few weeks impacted his health and made him lose weight. I thought I was carefully watching him to make sure he was satisfied, but he's always been on the grumpy side and now I suppose it's possible he was a bit hungry and I missed it. Sigh. (How easy it is for mothers to find fault with ourselves no matter what we do!)

As I said, the nurse was unconcerned, but she did think it would be good to start solids soon. I had thought about starting solids a little earlier, but wanted to make sure I was feeling well first. So yesterday evening (at six months and one day old), he had his first taste of rice cereal. At first, as I fed him in the high chair, I thought he was uninterested, but Kansas Dad snuggled him on his lap and tried again and Second Son just slurped it up! He loved it. He had a bit more this morning, some at lunch and gobs at dinner tonight (even though I'd just fed him). I know the girls didn't eat it up like this, but I do remember First Son enjoying solid foods from the very first.

We did take some pictures and he is wearing the same (now quite stained) bib the others wore for their first tastes of rice cereal, but I'm too lazy to go get the camera (and a little frightened of the month's worth of pictures on it).

Now if only there were something to those tales of better sleep with solid food in the tummy...

Monday, January 24, 2011

Book Review: We Have a Pope!

We Have A Pope!We Have A Pope! by Karen Congeni

I recently received an email about a new book available on the papacy. I've mentioned before that I've struggled a little in explaining to the children who Pope Benedict XVI is and why he is important to us so I was very interested in the book. A bit boldly, I responded and inquired about a copy of the book for an honest review and they sent one! (I could hardly believe it.)

This hardcover book is illustrated throughout with full-color photographs, most of them of the election of Pope Benedict and his papacy. It carries an Imprimatur and quotes the RSV, our preferred translation for our homeschool. At the end, there's a wonderful glossary of terms like Habemus papem and Ring of the Fisherman. There is also a list of all the popes.

The text of the book very simply explains how Jesus chose Peter as the first leader of the Church. We learn what Jesus asked Peter to do ("Take care of my sheep.") and that he promised to send the Holy Spirit to guide Peter and the Church. After Peter there were other popes.
Jesus taught His followers many things. The pope also teaches the followers of Jesus. The Holy Spirit helps each pope. In two thousand years, many popes have led the people, but God stays the same. So do His teachings.
Ms. Congeni covers a lot of material for young readers: how popes take a new name, Vatican City, the Popemobile, the Swiss Guard, and what happens when a pope dies. First we mourn. Then the cardinals meet and pray and vote until the ballots are burned into a white smoke to indicate someone has been chosen. Then there is jubilation and a blessing from the new pope.

This book was informative for First Son (who read it quite easily by himself), but it's most engaging for the girls. Second Daughter in particular loves to look through the pictures. It's a wonderful addition to our family library and I recommend it to all Catholic families with little ones. I look forward to future titles from Karen Congeni.

I did not receive any renumeration for this review, but I did receive a free copy of the book We Have a Pope! by Karen Congreni, available at or at Catholic Word. This review reflects my honest opinion about the book.

Sunday, January 23, 2011

Last Night

First Daughter wore underwear to bed because her pull-up had been dry for the previous three nights. She woke up dry this morning.

Second Daughter slept in her "new" toddler bed. (She'd been climbing in and out of the crib for months.)

Second Son, who split his time Friday night between nursing and Kansas Dad's arms (literally all night long), slept for at least an hour in his "new" crib. Eventually we snuggled him in bed, of course, but using the techniques in The No-Cry Sleep Solution: Gentle Ways to Help Your Baby Sleep Through the Night, he only woke to nurse a few times and then we both went back to sleep.

It was a big night!

And Second Son is six months old today! We have to remember to take some pictures.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Prayers Answered!

Thank you to all who have so kindly prayed for us! I had my second sonogram today and it looks like everything is clearing up nicely. I have a suspicion my regular doctor is going to give me another round of the new antibiotics just to make sure all those nasty resistant bugs are killed, but I'm so very thankful to be feeling like a regular person again, three weeks after first feeling ill!

I think it'll take me the rest of the month to catch up on everything so please be patient with me.

Sunday, January 9, 2011

Busy with Real Life

Things have been quiet on the blog recently, and are likely to stay that way for a while. I've been battling an infection that has so far taken me to the emergency room in the middle of the night, a doctor visit, to the hospital for an ultrasound, a minor outpatient surgery at a doctor's office, another doctor's visit and then an overnight in the hospital for IV antibiotics. (Kansas Dad and Second Son came, too. It was just about as nice as it could have been, given the circumstances, except the food which was unbelievably atrocious. Even the nurse wasn't sure what they served me for dinner last night.) They released me yesterday and have given me every indication that I should now get better (which of course they've been saying over and over again).

Prayers appreciated. I hope your New Year's celebrations were better than ours!