Friday, January 13, 2012

Quiet Because It's Chilly

I really wanted to finish a post for Friday morning, but we hit some complications on Wednesday when our furnace stopped working. The thing chugged along all right until we had an actually wintry cold day and then it died when it was supposed to get down into the teens overnight. Kansas Dad loaded the kids and headed to his parents' house around 9:30 pm when the furnace people left and I gathered the last of our things for an overnight, opened the faucets a little and we all prayed the pipes wouldn't freeze.

They didn't. Thank God!

But the furnace people still couldn't get it working on Thursday. Luckily, Kansas Dad had managed to wrestle the shed door lock open and bring in our (very safe) space heaters. So we managed for one night and they fixed it today.

Now I have a bit of typing to do on meeting minutes and parish websites and other such important things so the blog must wait. (I couldn't type in the cold, you know!)

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