Monday, January 16, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (16th Ed.)

1. On Monday, I had a dentist appointment (no cavities, yay!) and Kansas Dad took the kids to the zoo while I was there. (I don't even want to think about what Second Daughter and Second Son would do at the dentist's office while I was having my teeth cleaned.) Then I met them there and we had a picnic lunch together!

2. I started a new nightly prayer routine. The children were getting a little too wild at prayer time. Now, we sit in front of our crucifix, quietly, for a few minutes - just like they do at Atrium. Then we start with a Litany of Saints, followed by a prayer by each of us and then a prayer together like the Hail Mary or the Our Father. Much smoother.

3. Second Son clearly announced "no" and "ball."

4. On Saturday, we took the kids into town to spend a gift card and some of their saved money. After wandering through all the toy aisles, they made their selections and were reasonably patient while hitting a few other aisles for things Kansas Dad and I wanted. First Son found a particularly good deal on some Legos that were on clearance.

7. We finished week 18 of school, which means we're more than half way through our year. (I recently rearranged our schedule to be done in 35 weeks.) I also "found" a week I skipped when planning our year (why wasn't the last week of February on my schedule?) so we're going to finish two weeks earlier than I originally thought. Hooray!

8. First Daughter wanted to sing Father, I Adore You tonight as her evening prayer. As we were singing, I noticed Second Son who was attempting the signs the other children learned for the song in choir last semester even though no one else was signing. I thought that was pretty cool.

9. Second Son loves to say, "Bye bye!" He'll yell it out if he's leaving or if other people are leaving (but I think he likes it best if he's leaving). On Sunday, he said, "Bye bye, Grammy."

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  1. We just finished our 17th week today. I'm hoping to at least catch up the half week! I know when May hits I'll be wanting to be done!

    That is cute about 2nd son trying to do the signs for the song. It's amazing how much they pick up at such a young age. I'm hoping Joseph will learn how to read on his own with all the time I've spent on the twins!

    Anthony likes to put on a comedy routine during prayer time. We are working on ignoring him, with varied success. He's so funny it's hard not to laugh.


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