Wednesday, March 14, 2012

My Favorite Picture Books: Adele and Simon in America

Adèle and Simon in America
by Barbara McClintock

In this wonderfully illustrated book, Adele and Simon travel from New York City across America and back again with their adventurous aunt. In every city, we learn a little of America in the early 1900s...and Simon loses something. With persistence, children can find his lost belongings on each two page spread. McClintock has also included interesting and famous people in each of the illustrations. An informative guide at the end of the book gives more details on the locations shown. First Son is, as always, thrilled with the map provided at the beginning of the book. (Look closely and you'll find another of First Son's favorite characters, Tintin.)

This book is a lovely peek at America that children and adults will relish. If you are looking for more, also check out the first Adele and Simon book, Adèle and Simon in which Simon loses his belongings throughout the beautiful city of Paris.


  1. I will have to remember this one for when we get to that era in history. Or maybe we'll just get it sooner. Any book with a Simon in it is popular around here! :-)

  2. And Simon is such a lovable guy in this book, though already younger than your Simon.


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