Monday, March 12, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (23rd Ed.)

1. Soccer! Basketball! Soccer! First Son and First Daughter both started playing spring soccer and attending an elementary basketball camp. So now we have soccer practice one night a week (the kids are on different teams, but Kansas Dad is coaching First Daughter so practice is at the same time as First Son's team), basketball for two hours once a week and soccer games galore on the weekends. It's a bit overwhelming for this mama, but so very good for the children, especially since I am not very excited about running around outside with them. Also, you know, team sports can be difficult to learn when there are only four kids and two of them are three years old and one year old.

2. Second Son's first knock-knock joke:
SS: Knock knock! (Yes, he really says this.)
Mama: Who's there?
SS: Monkey (Well, maybe not quite, but it's the closest approximation to the sounds he made.)
Mama: Monkey who
SS: whooo whooo
3. First Son had his reading practice for his First Communion Mass. He'll be reading the petitions, which we've been practicing diligently. I wasn't there, but Kansas Dad said he did well. First Communion is in less than a week!

4. I snatched a little time after my Catechesis class on Saturday to do a little shopping. Wonder of wonders, many of my clothes were getting too big! I didn't find any fabulous dresses to wear for First Communion and Easter, but I did find a nice pair of jeans that's (wait for it) two sizes smaller than I wore in December. (I think part of that is a trick by the brand, but we'll enjoy it anyway).

5. Kansas Dad was stopping by a local store to buy coffee for his coffee class (yes, you read that correctly) and I asked him to buy a few teas for me. The list was online, so I wrote them down for him. The kind lady at the shop complimented my selections. Well, you know they're going to have my business for the foreseeable future. (I've tried the first of my four teas and it is indeed wonderful.)

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  1. Sounds like some sports mania at your house! We're doing swimming lessons this month.

    First Son must be very excited for his First Commmunion. Congrats to him!

    And hey, congrats on the smaller size. That is always a big accomplishment in my book!


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