Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Prayers for Second Son

This morning, Second Son slipped and fell while he was climbing out of the baby pool while the older two were in the midst of swimming lessons. Normally, this would not be such a big deal. Toddlers slip and fall all the time. But poor my poor baby boy (who will be two on Monday) fell right on his top teeth, cracking one horribly and damaging some others.

We took him in to see the pediatric dentist where they told us he would need to be put under sedation for one tooth to be extracted. (It's broken right up into the nerve within the gum line and has a dangling piece so we were not too surprised.) One of the other teeth is chipped into a sharp point and will be filed down a little. The other big front tooth may need a crown or may be alright without one; she'll know more when Second Son can't feel her moving it around to check on it.

The very wonderful dentist and all those who work with her are coming in early to do his surgery at 6:30 am tomorrow (Wednesday). I am so thankful as just getting through this day was very difficult;  he wanted to eat and drink but everything he put in his mouth caused pain. We poured enough liquid in him to get through the night, but I'm sure he is still hungry.

I am nervous about my little guy being sedated tomorrow. And I'm mourning his adorable baby tooth smile. It's just a tooth and we'll all get over it; but tonight I am sad.

Please pray he gets through surgery well. Please pray his mouth heals quickly so he can eat, drink, and be merry again. Please pray for the other kids who are suffering a little from the chaos that was our day today and the anticipated stress of tomorrow. Please pray for the very dear friend (and her family) who graciously said we could drop off three sleepy kids at 6 am on our way to the surgery. Please pray for Kansas Dad who had a lot of work to do this week and is instead driving kids around, sitting in waiting rooms, and coercing a toddler to drink a sip of water now and then. Finally, please pray for me. I have a tendency to cry in sympathy with my children rather than being strong for them and helping them through rough times.

Hopefully, we'll get through the next few days and will be ready for a birthday party on Saturday for Second Daughter and Second Son and it'll all be a good story for Second Son's baby book.


  1. OH prayers prayers prayers for you. You will be in my thoughts and I will offer up my sacrifices and frustrations for you tomorrow. Blessings friend.

  2. My prayers are with you! My second son fell into a bedpost at 18 mo and by the time the tooth died and we dealt with it a year later, he was sedated to have that one extracted, a couple crowns, and some fillings. The sedation wasn't bad at all at our Children's Hospital. He still talks about the fun toys they had -- he was too busy playing to be hungry. Your early surgical time should help too.

    He's been put under for 2 unrelated outpatient surgeries since then and it's almost routine for us now.

  3. Oh, the poor little guy!! I will definitely be praying for him and for your family.

  4. I hope things went okay today. I've been praying. My heart goes out to you; I *hate* teeth issues--cavities, chipped and broken teeth, whatever else--it completely freaks me out.

  5. Thank you, everyone, for the prayers! I updated on facebook but forgot that there are people who read the blog who don't actually know me. I was very anxious about the whole thing, but it was quick and I just love our dentist's office. The surgery went very well. They did have to take both top front teeth out, but he woke up without any issues and felt better within a few hours. I'd say he's pretty much back to normal with a still adorable smile!

    Brandy, teeth totally gross me out. I always make Kansas Dad throw them away after the Tooth Fairy comes. (Second Son is getting a present instead of money - he deserves something special losing two like that, though I'm not sure he remembers it.)


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