Friday, July 27, 2012

The Range Version of a Salt Box for Handwriting

Along with our handwriting program for next year, Cursive First, and recommendations for young children learning to write in Essentials, I decided to make a real salt box. I wanted to make one using only materials I had on hand. Counting the time to wander around the house looking for supplies, I only needed about twenty minutes to make this box.

I found a box that had arrived in the mail full of pictures (minus the pictures) that opened nicely and covered it with the remnants of a shimmery green gift bag. For the bottom of the inside, I cut a piece of black construction paper to fit. (That paper is perfect for colored chalk drawings, just as an aside.) I used double-stick tape to hold the paper in place on top and inside.

On the inside, I made sure to put double-stick tape lined up in the corners so they would stay nicely in place.

I added packing tape around the edges of the green bag so no little fingers would be tempted to peel it off.

After adding salt, I realized I needed to tape up the corners on the bottom. The box had enough spaces for salt to sprinkle out on the table and floor.

I think it'll be perfect! If it doesn't last forever, I'll make another one. The girls have already been using this box on a regular basis. Second Daughter in particular loves to pull it out, but I have to watch her because after a bit of drawing she likes to scoop up the salt and let it slide through her fingers -- and not always back into the box.

Of course, I put the extra bits of shimmery green paper in the craft box so Second Daughter can continue gluing creations like this masterpiece:

I searched online a bit and found some other homemade salt boxes (much more beautiful than mine): this one and this one were my favorites.  (I think the sandpaper letters in the second link look awesome! So much nicer than the ones I made. I have been tempted to make new ones with cursive letters...if I ever get around to it, I'm going to put them on colored card stock and round the corners. Somehow I have a feeling I'll be making those for my grandchildren.)

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