Monday, July 30, 2012

What I Loved About the Past Two Weeks (40th Ed.)

I skipped last week's post because I wanted to get Second Son's birthday post up, so I'm combining the last two weeks.

1. We went to see a traveling exhibit on Star Wars (for the second time).

2. Second Son had surgery to remove his two top front teeth, which I did not love, but the office was wonderful and he started feeling better within hours.

3. Second Daughter turned four! We had pancakes for breakfast and ice cream sundaes after dinner.

Second Daughter's pancake as big as her head, with a chocolate chip smiley face, as requested.

4. Kansas Dad gave the boys much needed hair cuts, just in time for the birthday party over the weekend.

5. My parents were here for a visit. They try to come every year for our July birthday party and the kids are always so happy to see them!

Papa reading bedtime stories

6. A successful birthday party, thanks in large part to a wonderful friend who made the Winnie-the-Pooh birthday cake for us AND brought rockets to shoot for entertainment (which Second Son hated, but Second Daughter loved).

The portion of the cake without names

First Son made a pin the tail on Eeyore game for the party

 7. The girls and I went shopping with my mom. I picked out some new (smaller) clothes.

8. Second Son turned two! Of course, we started the day with pancakes, including a pancake as big as his head. And smoothies, because he doesn't actually like pancakes all that much.

9. We visited the Cosmosphere, which is a bit of a drive for us, but certainly must rank among the top museums in Kansas. The two little ones weren't very interested, but First Son and First Daughter picked up a few things and my dad and I had a fabulous time.

10. Kansas Dad let me take a nice long nap the day my parents left, even though he was just as tired. That's love.

11. Swimming lessons started and ended. First Son passed Level 2!

Second Son tries to use force lightning on me during swim lessons

12. We had our second work day for Catechesis of the Good Shepherd Level 2 materials over the weekend. We painted and cut and sculpted and are a lot closer to having everything ready!

13. Grammy treated us to an afternoon at a local water park over the weekend. The kids had a wonderful time. First Daughter was tall enough to go down the slides and First Son was old enough to ride the lazy river by himself. Second Son wanted to walk around the pool just at chin deep.

14. Finally, a picture of Second Son doing a downward dog.

I was hoping the last two weeks of summer would be nice and quiet, but it doesn't look like it. Maybe starting school will feel like a vacation!


  1. Always enjoy your updates. Here's to a great school year for you!!

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