Tuesday, July 3, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (37th Ed.)

1. Last week was Totus Tuus, which is a fabulous Catholic summer camp program. In our case, First Son went to the day program at our parish. He had a fantastic time. We're all exhausted.

2. First Son read the Old Testament reading for Mass on Tuesday. I wasn't there, but heard from two mothers what a good job he did with a long and difficult reading. I looked it up later and was suitably impressed. First Son said it was hard but he just kept at it. What a wonderful encouragement for a homeschooling mom!

3. I just love how families at a parish reach out to each other during Totus Tuus (or anytime). Over the course of the week, a friend brought First Son home twice, another friend dropped off First Daughter from story hour and I was able to help out by dropping off a friend's daughters.

4. I saw a doe and two fawns leaping along our old railroad path this week. Every time I called the kids, they fled into the woods so I was the only one who saw them. Deer are pretty infrequently sited on our property. (They hide in the woods.)

5. I received a wonderful hardcover copy of Loyola Kids Book of  Saints from a member at PaperBackSwap.com. I think we're going to read from it next year!

6. Second Son can climb the ladder to the top bunk. Oh dear. We can just leave the door closed to the boys' room for now...but soon he'll be able to open it. I also caught him standing on the arm of a chair he dragged over to my cabinet, reaching precariously for the vase of pencils on the ledge between the kitchen and the living room. I'm not really loving the climbing phase, but I do love to see him reaching and pushing himself.

7. One week of P90X down. I even enjoyed Kenpo X on Saturday. It helped that it's a day free of Ab Ripper X, which probably qualifies as torture in some countries. Twelve weeks to go.

8. On Sunday, we took the kids swimming. They loved it. Kansas Dad and I had a good time, too, even if we did get a little sunburned.

9. Wonderful gracious friends of ours watched all of our kids so Kansas Dad and I could enjoy a quiet dinner without kids with his parents to celebrate their 40th anniversary. I think it's the first time we've had dinner with them and without kids since First Son was born more than eight years ago.

I should really post pictures this week, but I'm too tired (still) from our hectic week last week to go find the camera.

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