Monday, July 9, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (38th Ed.)

1. First Son won an honorable mention in a contest with The Catholic Company! We already spent our gift certificate - on a new Glory Story CD (selected by First Son) and a statue of Mary for our prayer shelf.

2. Second Son can jump!

3. Second Son says "Shee-dee" for First Son's name and Second Daughter's name, which is hilarious because it's nothing at all like their names. Second Son knows this, because he cracks up laughing whenever he says it.

4. Donuts and sprinklers were back this week!

5. On the Fourth of July, we had planned to go to the science museum, but they lost power! The kids were mollified with ice cream. Then we went to Grammy's house for a water balloon fight (with Kansas Dad, not me; I had the camera) and firecrackers. Second Son quickly decided the firecrackers were no fun at all. When he started crying, "No, Daddy, no!" whenever Kansas Dad went to light a new one, I decided to take him inside. He did like the little snappers, though. He wanted more when his box was gone.

6. Second Son says "sit" but begins with an "sh" sound instead of "s." It's really funny, though it's good the kids don't get it yet.

7. Our summer reading program took a field trip to a children's theater productions. Second Daughter was enthralled with the shimmery dress. Second Son was just mesmerized by the whole thing.

8. The kids went to a day camp at our parish this weekend hosted by a group out of Nebraska. Second Son and I enjoyed a quiet day just the two of us. We listened to a lot of Bob and Larry CDs.

9. My parents celebrated their 40th anniversary this weekend!

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  1. My summer of 2010 kid is talking more these days too. He used to say dee-dee for both water and Peter and those have both switched to der-der. He attempted his own name last week -- Tim comes out more like Mim. Pretty entertaining


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