Saturday, October 13, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (49th Ed.)

1. Last Saturday morning, Kansas Dad made blintzes for us using a recipe we found in How Mama Brought the Spring (which we read in our Preschool Reading Around the World lessons). First Daughter wanted to make them, but we had to find the right time. Saturday was the feast of St. Bruno, one of our family's patron saints, so it seemed fitting to have a celebration (even if St. Bruno probably never ate a blintz).

Let me tell you something: they were fantastic. Heavenly! Definitely not in the P90X nutrition plan. All the kids tried them, but I think First Son was the only kid who really liked them.

2. First Son served Mass again on Sunday. I missed it, staying home with a sick Second Son, but I love how he loves to serve.

3. I love taking First Son to his soccer practice. Once a week, I lounge blissfully in the silence of the van, watching him run around and reading. Kansas Dad and the girls always make an effort to clean up the living room while we're gone, too.

4. Girls Night! The girls and I decorated Halloween and fall cookies with friends. Well, the girls decorated and the moms talked. Fun! I think we're going to try to meet up regularly, just us girls.

5. I taught my very first Level I Catechesis class by myself this past week. You would not believe how nervous I was about presenting the Sign of the Cross to ten 3-6 year olds! It was just fine, of course! Second Daughter did not behave very well during the class, but I was assured by the regular teacher that she doesn't usually have so many problems. I guess she was just acting out for her mom! (She does that all the time.)

6. I helped clean our church for the first time this week. First Son helped us without any complaining. Second Son sat quietly in the back room watching a movie on the Kindle. (He was so good! And cute!) I was reminded of the lovely story in this book often as I vacuumed. What a wonderful gift it would be to forget self entirely before our Lord!

7. Surviving a messy homeschool week. This week we had a physics experiment that involved flying flour, three presentations on volume in math that involved pouring cups and cups of water, and painting in art. It's a bit of a miracle that my children survived my stress relatively unscathed, but perhaps they were too distracted by all the flying flour. (And somehow, First Daughter and I both stepped in green paint. I never could find it and we didn't seem to track it everywhere, but if you come for a visit please don't look too closely at our floors.) Then, on Friday, I sent the girls out to play in the rain and the mist and the mud. I told Kansas Dad I deserved some sort of Charlotte Mason reward for that.

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