Saturday, October 20, 2012

What I Loved About Last Week (50th Ed.)

1. Flu shots. I love that they're done.

2. First Daughter's first apple pie. She received a mini pie pan for her birthday from Grammy and Paw Paw, and I decided we should take advantage of last Saturday's soccer-free day (cancelled due to lightning or possible tornadoes or something) to try them out. I had to help her rolling out the dough, but she did most of the rest. I think the apple-peeler-corer was her favorite part. Delicious!

3. Grammy and Paw Paw watched the kids so Kansas Dad and I could go to a dinner at our parish for all the people who have helped with our Catechesis program. It was a nice dinner with lots of grown ups.

4. We had to take the kids to Grammy's house while we were at the dinner because our power had gone out. (We lose the well when we lose power, so we thought it'd be easier to take them there.) On the way home, Second Daughter started a game of "Guess My Pretty Bird's Name" which entertained us all (except Second Son who fell asleep) for the whole drive home. The kids heard the game in Schoolhouse in the Woods which we recently read aloud. I loved the book. I loved that they loved the book. I love playing this game with them. I love hearing their funny questions and guesses.

5. I took Second Son to First Son's soccer practice last week so Kansas Dad could work on his chicken coop while the girls ran around outside. I admit, I didn't want to give up my quiet reading time, so I gave Second Son a Kindle and just left him in his car seat the whole time. He was so adorable, clicking through the different screens and games. And he was quiet, at least until we got home and took the Kindle away...

6. Our faith formation coop met this week. We always have such a good time playing with all our friends when we meet.

7. Playing outside at our parish playground. We are so blessed to have such a beautiful playground and many young friends to meet there! I love watching the children play all the games they'd play at recess if they were in school. I love how children of all ages play together with the little ones following along and encouraged by the older ones. I loved the wonderful weather this week, sunshine and breezes.


  1. I need one of those apple peelers! That is amazing!

  2. Oh, yes, it is! I received it for Christmas last year. Definitely worth the price!


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