Saturday, November 17, 2012

Advent Is Coming

I started to request some picture books from the library for our Advent picture-book-or-two-a-day and ran into my request limit before I'd gotten more than half-way through my list.

I'm guessing I'll have enough books since I think the limit is 50...

My new St. Nicholas cookie cutter arrived this weekend, too. I've wanted one for years and finally allowed myself to order it. A group of young girls has been meeting once a month and we're going to dedicate our next meeting to decorating cookies for the feast day.

Advent starts December 2nd!


  1. I've always wondered if there was a limit. Haha, that's awesome. I have most of ours requested, or waiting for a request to go out on them. Some new ones, and some old favorites. Should be fun!

    I am thinking of doing salt dough ornaments again with the kids this year, any tips on good shapes? Last time we did stars and that worked well but I'd like something different this go around...

  2. We did snowflakes, trees, stars, and circles (like ornaments) in the salt dough and they all worked fine. The kids liked having a choice when cutting them out.

  3. Oh, and I've hit that limit a number of times. It's per item type, so you can have something like 50 media requests, 50 books, 50 picture books...I'm not quite sure what the different categories are. I've hit it a number of times with the children's books, though.

  4. So excited about the St. Nicholas cookies! The girls are really looking forward to the 4th!

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  6. I hadn't even thought of circles! I think I'll do that, the kids would really be able to be creative with them, and that sounds quite easy for this mama. THANKS!!!

  7. Julie, we are excited, too! I'm tempted to make a batch of the cookies this weekend. You know, to try out the cookie cutter. ;-) I think the recipe said they would freeze well.

    Monica, I hope the kids have fun with the circles. We didn't try to make them look like real ornaments (designs or whatnot) but you could pretty easily.


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