Tuesday, January 22, 2013

My Favorite Picture Books: Cookiebot!

by Katie Van Camp and Lincoln Agnew

This is the second book about Harry and Horsie (Harry and Horsie being the first) but I think it far more enjoyable than the first one. Harry's ingenuity and imagination lead him to create a massive robot to procure some cookies for an afternoon snack from the jar his mother has inexplicably placed out of his reach. Things do not go quite as planned but Horsie comes to the rescue. I love how Harry's play involves a variety of toys, none of which are linked to a television show or massive advertising campaigns. (Part of the joy will be lost if "Horsie" toys start appearing in stores.)

The illustrations are reminiscent of science fiction illustrations of the 1950s, colorful in red, blue, and yellow.

Second Son loves this book, so much so that we were continually requesting it from the library. He received a copy for Christmas and I think he was a little confused why we had asked him to unwrap a book that was obviously already his.


  1. Looks like fun - and of course my library doesn't have it!

    I had the experience you described with one of my sons too - it was an OOP book so I had to buy an ex-library copy, which confused him even further! But there was a period where we were reading that book several times a day!

  2. Isn't it funny how they'll latch onto a book? I love looking back and remembering who my little ones were when they had a particular obsession with a book.


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