Monday, May 6, 2013

First Daughter's Kindergarten Poetry Memorization List

I didn't ask First Son to memorize poetry in kindergarten, but First Daughter begged to do so. We started a little in the spring when she was just five.
We started How Doth the Little Crocodile in the third week of school, and she promptly lost all interest in memory work. Because she could often recite First Son's poems (while he was hemming and hawing), I decided I wasn't going to push her. She's asked for memory work on and off through the year, but I told her we'd only do it if she was ready to spend time on in every day, which she never was.

Next year, in first grade, First Daughter will be expected to do memory work four days a week, just like her big brother.

As you may guess, Poems and Prayers for the Very Young is my favorite anthology for selecting poetry for my little ones to memorize.

Here's my post on why we memorize poetry.

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