Monday, June 17, 2013

Homeschool Review: Maps, Charts, and Graphs Level C

We have been using these workbooks for three years now and they continue to be among First Son's favorite lessons. The maps and illustrations are in full color, each lesson spread over two pages. In third grade, he completed each lesson (one each week) in fifteen or twenty minutes. He was able to work independently other than a few times when he answered something incorrectly and I helped him correct his answer. (The answers are in the back of the book and can be removed if necessary.)

Level C has 30 lessons. The majority cover mapping skills with lessons on map making, using a globe, cardinal directions, applying directions on a map, map symbols and keys, comparing maps, map grids and scales, using a highway map, land and water features on a map, and using a map to solve problems or answer questions. The last seven lessons cover pictographs, bar graphs, circle graphs, tables, diagrams, and charts. We cover charts and graphs pretty extensively in our math lessons, and I don't think the few lessons at the end of this book would be sufficient. They are a nice review, though, especially when they are used to answer questions.

Compared with the previous two books, Level C has a greater amount of text in the lessons and instructions. Most of the exercises are multiple-choice or short-answer. I like providing some practice with these sorts of questions as First Son encounters them outside of our homeschool.

As in the first two books in the series, this book assumes students are living in the United States, though it is easy to adjust if necessary.

These workbooks are designed as consumables and that is how we use them. The questions could be answered on another sheet of paper or orally.

As before, I am pleased with this workbook and intend to continue the series next year with First Son. First Daughter will be beginning with Level A. These are, I think, the only workbooks we'll be using next year. (Here are the previous review: Level A and Level B.)

I've purchased these workbooks at a variety of stores, depending on coupon codes or sales, but I believe Sacred Heart consistently has excellent prices on them. (I am an affiliate with Amazon, but not with Sacred Heart.)

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