Monday, November 4, 2013

Quote: The Mitchells: Five for Victory

Hilda van Stockum in The Mitchells: Five for Victory when Joan is contemplating the birthday requests of her dear friend who, as a European orphan of World War II, missed out on many birthdays and is anticipating her first party in years:
"I'm afraid she'll be disappointed," she told Eunice's grandfather in confidence. "You know how it is. People want and want things and then, when they get them, they're not really happy, because they thought it would be quite different."
"They're fun all the same," she admitted. " people ever get what they want, Mr. Spencer?" Mr. Spencer looked at her, his blue eyes serene.
"Not until they're in Heaven," he said. 
I've just finished reading this book to the children and it was a tremendous success. They worried over the Mitchells, laughed with them, and cheered with them. We often read multiple chapters a day and they all begged that I immediately start on the next book. I'm so glad I decided to read it aloud rather than giving it to First Son as independent reading.

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