Friday, November 1, 2013

Range Saints for All Saints

Our parish All Saints party was last weekend and the children were excited! Two hours of games, candy, snacks, and more candy with all our parish friends...that's just about a perfect afternoon.

First Son kindly agreed to be Blessed John Paul II again, which allowed him to wear the wonderful costume my mother put together for him last year. First Daughter wanted to be her favorite saint, St. Therese, and Second Daughter wanted to be St. Clare.

Bl. John Paul II, St. Therese, St. Clare
Second Son didn't get much choice in the matter. I informed him he'd be St. Bruno. Right up until we left he insisted he wasn't going to dress up, but when I pouted (after spending hours making that Sculpey skull), Kansas Dad convinced him to participate.

St. Bruno with his skull
If only there were as saintly as they look!

For those that may be searching for ideas on making All Saints Day costumes, we scoured Goodwill for the girls and Second Son. I bought women's skirts in brown and used safety pins to hold them up. (All the girls' skirts were too sparkly or too short or both.) These skirts will fit for years to come. We bought plain brown shirts for them. The wimples are white shirts pulled only around the face with brown and black pillowcases for the veils (also from Goodwill) held on with safety pins. I bought one white curtain at Goodwill, cut it to make two cloaks, and used safety pins to hold them on (no hems or anything).

St. Bruno is wearing one of his dad's white t-shirts with a turtleneck. I found a black hoodie sweatshirt at Goodwill (they didn't have any white ones), pulled the sleeves inside out and pinned them up so it would look more like a cloak.

The accessories are the most important part of any All Saints costume. You can dress in almost anything if you carry the right items. St. Therese is holding a basket of fake roses we bought years ago for saying the Rosary. They're a great All Saints feature. I made the monstrance for St. Clare out of Sculpey, but Kansas Dad found a big snowflake in the holiday section we were going to use if the Sculpey one failed.

Bl. John Paul II, St. Therese, St. Clare, and St. Bruno, pray for us!


  1. Thanks, H of B! I was pleased with them this year.


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