Monday, September 22, 2014

A Birthday Post: Second Son is Four!

A few months ago (sigh), Second Son turned four! Here he is showing off some of his ninja skills.

We told him he could only take swimming lessons this summer if he was done with diapers and I think it may have been a small motivation for him. He succeeded and took lessons with the other kids. I was absolutely amazed at what he was doing by the end of the week. He would actually move his arms and legs like he was swimming! His favorite part of each lesson was the time at the end when he could jump off the diving board. (His instructor is off camera, ready to pilot him to the ladder.)

He talks and he talks and he talks. This boy could rival First Daughter for his chatting, especially when she's not around. Mostly he talks about Legos. More than anything, he likes to take Legos apart. He has to lose some of his screen time when he takes apart other people's Lego creations, though, because it usually makes them rather upset. (We talk a lot here about how four and six year olds are still working on building up a little self control. They have an idea that might not be so good, but lack those neurons that make them stop and think, "I wonder if I should do this...")

He is so adorable without his two front teeth! Second Daughter lost her second top tooth this past weekend so we'll have another Tooth Twins picture. (We have one of First Daughter and Second Son both with missing top teeth.)

This boy runs around the house constantly doing ninja moves and attacking bad guys like Darth Vader. He can make some impressive sound effects, too. If you want a light saber battle, he can accommodate you. Beware, though, he doesn't hold back!

He had a bad habit of jumping on the sofa all day long. All day long. We would remind him and chastise him and punish him and nurse his bumps and bruises, but he just couldn't stop himself. So for his birthday, we asked his Grammy and PawPaw for a little indoor trampoline. He's only jumped on the sofa a couple of times since then and spends a lot of time on the trampoline. Apparently, the boy has a deep inner need to be bouncing up and down.

I love the times I can find him lounging with a book. His favorites are Bear Wants MoreStuck, and anything Star Wars, or Lego, or Star Wars Lego.

His favorite place is the local frozen yogurt restaurant, though he also loves the local candy store. I suppose that's not too surprising. His favorite types of candy are (currently) Rainbow Nerds and Fun Dip. At home, he loves to eat yogurt and cottage cheese. His favorite vegetable is sweet red pepper. He'll steal pieces of it as you chop for salad or cooking. He often skimps on breakfast. For some reason, he'll only eat eggs if we have bacon, and then only an egg white. He doesn't really like donuts or cake. He'll just eat the frosting. He likes cinnamon rolls, though.

He was in my Catechesis class last year and is again this year. It's one of his more challenging times. Sometimes he'll work happily and sometimes he'll demand I take him home immediately. His favorite work is preparing the cruets and the chalice, which are both a little nerve-wracking for me as I don't feel like he's quite careful enough with his pouring. He did improve during the year, though.

He's great at spotting praying mantises and walking sticks (along with Second Daughter). He loves to be outside. He and Second Daughter play elaborate games indoors and out.

For his birthday, Second Son's godmother made him an amazing fireball cake, complete with flames designed and crafted by his godfather. I have a picture of it...on my laptop (which you may recall is temporarily out of commission) so you'll just have to take my word for it.

Second Son, we look forward to another year of blessing with you!


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