Sunday, September 21, 2014

Wondering Where I Am?

I'm obviously not on the blog.

My laptop suffered a shower of a cold glass of water and has been in various stages of repair and disrepair for over two weeks now. Kansas Dad is confident the hard drive is fine and all my lesson plans and homeschooling files are waiting patiently for the logic board to be repaired. All of that can be recreated pretty easily from my last back-up (lazily done over a month before), but the family pictures for the summer were also on the laptop and those weren't yet backed up. Is there a patron saint of electronic files? If so, I should consider a novena.

So while I have other options for getting online and posting, I find my motivation even less robust when faced with the lack of my trusty laptop.

Hopefully I'll be back with good news in the near future!

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