Monday, November 24, 2014

Dressing Up for All Saints and Halloween

It's a month past Halloween and I'm just now getting to the pictures. The blog wouldn't be complete without a record of our costumes for the All Saints party at our parish and Halloween.

Here we have St. Michael the Archangel, St. Bernadette (before she joined the convent), St. Elizabeth of Hungary (with a crown made by Second Daughter based on St. Elizabeth's card in the Happy Saints A to Z cards (not an affiliate link) and a basket of homemade rolls), and St. Bruno. It was St. Bruno's second appearance in as many years, but I was pleased to use the Sculpey skull I made last year again. I had to miss the party this year as I wasn't feeling well, but the children assured me it was better than ever. Some very generous members of our parish made magnificent games and lots and lots of cookies.

For Halloween, we had an interesting assortment of personages. Second Son wanted to be Simba, and not just any lion but Simba the baby lion without a mane. We searched high and low for a costume without success but a mom from our homeschool group came to my rescue. She had one in his size from a previous Halloween and let us borrow it.

Second Daughter decided she wanted to be a tribble after watching The Trouble with Tribbles, arguably the best original Star Trek episode and the only one the children had seen. I debated a long time about how to manage such a costume without any sewing but with inspiration from my dad and my mom ended up with a furry throw blanket wrapped and clipped with big gripping clips the kids received in their stockings one year for making tents and forts in the house.

First Daughter is Zita the Spacegirl from the wonderful trilogy. First Son is Tintin. Their costumes are a combination of items we found in a single massive shopping trip at Goodwill. Recognize First Daughter's skirt? Second Son is wearing it as a cassock in the All Saints picture above.

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