Friday, November 21, 2014

Advent 2014 Activity Chain

It's more than a week away, so there's plenty of time to print out this easy activity chain. I just modified a few of the activities from last year (a post that has some pictures of the chain). This year, I intend to have my kids cut the activity sheets, tape them onto the purple and pink strips, and make the chain. (They won't be surprised by the activities this way, but most of them are traditions now.) I think we'll also share some with friends.

Here's our list in case you'd like to use it yourself or just modify it a little.

Make sure you have some Advent candles and you're all set! If you'd like to read more on our Advent activities, this post on what we did in 2012 is pretty thorough. It'll be a similar Advent this year.

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