Thursday, November 19, 2015

Oh Where Is My Hairbrush?

The Wet Brush Detangling Shower Brush is one of my favorite things, but it's also one of my daughters' favorite things. This brush is amazing. My sister-in-law introduced me to one last year and I bought one immediately with some Christmas money. Seriously miraculous. You know, when I can find it. I spend a shockingly large amount of time wandering the house singing this song.

I'm thinking St. Nicholas needs to bring a couple more of these to our house on his feast day. I notice it comes in a two pack that would be just perfect...

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  1. What crazy timing, I *JUST* this past weekend bought Gemma a wet-brush upon the recommendation of the gal who cuts our hair, as she was having some breakage. Ours was only $5 and it works pretty slick, I am rather amazed.

    My hair is short and fine enough that a wide-tooth comb is all I need. I recently discovered a leave-in conditioner though that is nearly miraculous though and it is my latest fave.

  2. Sorry. I used the word "though" about one too many times. ;-)

  3. We've gone through about four no-pain brushes, but this is the one that really works for the girls. I used this one easily when my hair was down past my waist. I just cut it to a few inches past my shoulders, so it's still long but not crazy long.

    I haven't used conditioner in years, just a vinegar rinse.

  4. This leave-in stuff I found has, dare I say *completely* eliminated static issues in my hair which is just totally amazing for me.

    I didn't realize your hair was so long!!!!

    1. No one knows my hair is that long because I put it up in a bun pretty much every single day. I like it long but I don't do anything with it.


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