Monday, February 22, 2016

2015 Advent Listening Loop

Last week, I posted about the Advent books we read in 2015. Today, I'd like to share our playlist for Advent.

I've written before about some of our listening loops. As we have time, during chores or busywork, we'll listen to a playlist, rotating through a loop of different lists including, among others, science songs, folk songs, and patriotic songs. You can read a bit about how the listening loop works in this post.

I had an idea in my head of the songs I wanted for Advent and then searched Spotify for versions I liked. I find it difficult to discern words in choral arrangements, so I preferred individual singers or smaller groups.
If you want to purchase a single CD for Advent, I would recommend Advent At Ephesus. It's simply beautiful. We listened to this often as well, so I didn't include anything from it on our listening loop.

During the Christmas season proper, we listened to hours of beautiful and celebratory Christmas music. Our favorite CDs are Unbroken Song, When My Heart Finds Christmas, Joy: A Holiday Celebration, In the Bleak Midwinter, Peace on Earth, Veggie Tales: A Very Veggie Christmas and Bing Crosby. Our Spotify playlist contains almost 300 songs, so we listen to much more, but own these.

* I love this CD, but it drives Kansas Dad a little crazy. He insists (and I don't disagree) that there is absolutely nothing irrational about Mary's decision to acquiesce to her Lord.

The italic print: Links to Amazon are affiliate links. As an affiliate with Amazon, I receive a small commission if you follow one of my links, add something to your cart, and complete the purchase (in that order). I like to use the little I earn on the blog to purchase birthday and Christmas gifts (so they'll really be from me).

Links to Spotify are not affiliate links. I receive nothing from them, but I highly recommend the paid subscription to Spotify as some of the commercials are not family-friendly. 


  1. I finally have streaming music! My brother signed up for a GooglePlay family account and it can add up to six devices and he only uses two! It has been great!!! As an added bonus, I had already ripped (almost) all our CD's into GooglePlahy so everything is in the same place. It's been fun! Looking forward to having it for the holidays next year.

    And regarding your comment on my blog, thank you for saying something. I had actually gone in and deleted the part about "fit of rage" because I felt like it would come across too sacrilegious, so to have you say something specifically about that (and the graces it will bear) put my mind at ease a bit. ;-)

    1. The streaming is so nice. I almost feel like I couldn't go back to life without it, though it feels a little silly to say that.

      I loved that part of your post! I though it was hilarious and real. (In our house, the kids are generally not allowed blessed rosaries until they have First Communion. It helps to put my mind at ease about their destructive tendencies.)


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