Monday, September 5, 2016

The Joy of Morals

I'm reading through Aesop's Fables with Second Son. This is my fourth time through the book but I'm am still amazed at how much the children enjoy it. It's probably his favorite school book. (His favorite lesson is math when he gets to play games; the Empire totally destroyed my ill-guided Rebel force in Star Wars Risk last week.)

I always cover up the moral written in the book and ask what he thinks the moral is. Last week, he responded promptly with:
Don't listen to your breakfast!
Wise advise.

It reminded me of the time First Son surprised me while reading the same book.

This book is seriously one of the best investments I ever made.


  1. My children like the Aesop's Fables book as well---we have the same version and the illustrations really are beautiful. No one at my house is ever satisfied with just one story from it.

  2. Melissa, We always read two stories, but they still beg for more. I refuse, though, because I'm mean like that.


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