Monday, December 15, 2008


I tried to take a nap with Second Daughter today, but she wasn't interested in sleeping. Finally convinced I'd have to live without it, I left her on the futon while I made myself a cup of tea.

I found her like this when I returned.

First Daughter jabbered and played for her nap today, finally convincing me to come in after about an hour and fifteen minutes when she yelled, "I'm ready to be done with my nap now!"

First Son, meanwhile, convinced me to skip his reading lesson so he could practice drawing "cannibal" chickens.* (We don't really have a schedule for reading lessons. Since we usually have them every day, including weekends, we're moving very quickly through the book and I think a few days off here and there can be a good thing. He did read through a couple more of his Bob books. I just love that he loves them!)

* Translation: mechanical chickens, from VeggieTales - An Easter Carol, which we're watching every day because he received it for his birthday.

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