Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hazardous to Your Washer's Health

Last week the washing machine stopped working properly. We thought it wasn't spinning like it should because the towels were all wet. The repair man came out yesterday and it worked perfectly for him. Of course. He thought something might be caught in the drain, but the warranty wouldn't cover opening it up to pull it out. Isn't that nice?

So when it stopped draining tonight, Kansas Dad propped it up, took the front panel off and reached in. Ugh. That's love for you, right there.

While nursing may be great for mama's health and baby's health, it is not so great for the washing machine's health. He found two nursing pads stuck in there. (See, I was trying to be good to the environment, too.) Usually we put them in a little bag to wash and dry, but every once in a while one got by us. Twice, apparently. (In case you're wondering, these are the best ones I've tried. But use care when washing.)

I'm ever so glad to have the washing machine back again!


  1. That is hysterical! And ... well, aren't you glad that your husband pulled them out rather than the random repair guy? :)

  2. Now that you put it that way, I guess I am!

  3. At first I thought he'd found a mouse - maybe the one that kept getting away!

  4. Jill, Kansas Dad showed me one and it was so covered with lint I thought at first it was a mouse! It looked very gross.

    Then he helpfully said if it had been a mouse, he wouldn't have told me. My husband knows me well...I would have had serious trouble ever using the washing machine again!

  5. I keep thinking you guys need one of those rodent deterrents that you plug into the wall and it sends out a little sound that humans can't hear, but bugs and rodents can. Supposedly keeping them away!

  6. Actually, we have some of those. It's hard to say if they really work. I know we had at least one mouse flout them, but perhaps they kept others away.

    I keep them plugged in, just in case.


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