Thursday, May 7, 2009

Color Blind?

First Daughter and First Son usually choose their own clothes. I don't often care what they pick, as long as I don't have to be involved.

Yesterday, First Daughter proudly announced, "Look, I match! Stripes and stripes!"

She was especially pleased that First Son also matched.

Now, I'm not particularly talented in the fashion department, but I think we may need to include a few lessons on the Range on what "matching" really means.


  1. lol...yeah, I had to teach some of those same "matching" lessons with my firstborn!! I remember her coming out of her room with "matching stripes" (except that they didn't...). So cute though...and now, she is pretty good at putting together her own outfits. My oldest is more fashionable than her Mama, for sure!

  2. MM, I think it'll take even more effort for First Son to learn about matching and a bit about the kinds of clothes that go together. (Note the polo shirt with the athletic pants.) First Daughter will pick it up very quickly once she starts paying a bit of attention to the colors rather than loving everything she has so much she just wants to wear whatever she touches first (even if it belongs to Second Daughter).

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  4. Matching is not a forte in our house, but it gets us out the door in the morning not to worry about it. They can care about this when their friends do... :-)

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