Friday, May 8, 2009

More Life Out on the Range

I'm so pleased the yellow iris is blooming! I think the two other irises in the same bunch are going to be a different color, so I'll have to see if I can clear some space around this one and baby it a bit. I do love yellow in the garden! It's also in a hidden corner of the garden. You have to be on the rough path from the house around the fence to the swing set. It's great for us because we walk that way nearly every day, but if I can get it to spread we'll divide it up and put some out front where visitors can see them.

Apparently, we have another whole bunch of irises that will be the same color as these.

And, as if yesterday's spider wasn't enough, they're breeding right on the porch. (I found another who gob of them in the former flower bed, currently gone to weed, I'm trying to clear so Kansas Dad can make an herb garden.)

Also, I think I was mistaken in the cat with the kittens. I saw a completely different cat wander by with an early dinner dangling from her mouth. She's about the same coloring, but much larger. (I thought the first one seemed small to have had such big kittens already.) So that brings the stray cat count on the Range to 3 adults and 3 kittens. Country mice, beware!

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