Thursday, May 7, 2009

It's the Little Things


Over at Faith & Family Live, they're talking about the small successes again.

1. I cleared off the top of my washer and dryer. I hate it when there's stuff stacked there, not least because of an irrational fear something will spontaneously catch on fire. (All it took was one dryer warning.)

2. First Daughter is having successes of her own! (I know, they're not mine, but what parent doesn't take some credit for the accomplishments of their children?)

3. I hemmed light blocking curtains to hang behind our bedroom curtains yesterday - and hung them. One is a bit too short and one is a bit too long, but that's what happens when you don't measure because you want to go really really fast because you're ironing something that says in big bold capital letters in numerous places DO NOT IRON. And when you're trying to finish before your two year old daughter gets up from her nap. (Lest you think I was too successful, neither girl napped yesterday.)

Read more successes here and share your own!

Updated: One more to add -- I didn't completely freak out when I saw this guy staking out hunting grounds in the kids' room. I simply reminded myself he was catching the bugs I don't like even more and went about my day (after taking his picture, of course):

I did herd the kids away from the window a bit. I don't know's not like he's hunting them...


  1. 2- Oh, they're yours my friend, they are definitely yours!

  2. Your friendly spider is a little too big for my liking. Hope he does his job. If you are a bug and you show up when photographed you are too big and not welcome in my home.

  3. HAHA on the spider! Wow he is big! Love the list - good job!

  4. I would say it's an uneasy truce I have with the spiders. As long as they don't jump at me...then they're fair game. For my husband. And if they're truly huge. My husband once whacked one with a shoe that I could see from another room without my glasses! That one was not welcome in the house.

  5. I'd be afraid of it crawling into my mouth while I slept (hey! you were the one who brought up irrational fears!!)

    ps. you're welcome for that one, btw. The rest of them I'll keep to myself for now... ;)

  6. Kristin, when I was pregnant with First Son I had nightmares every single night about ginormous spiders (think disco ball sized) landing on my head. I would scream and then go right back to sleep and Kansas Dad would be awake for an hour afterwards. Seriously, every night. Good times.

    I also have an irrational fear of laundromats, specifically my clothes being touched by strangers. But that's another story.


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