Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Climbing Ever Higher

We store the bunk bed ladder on the top bunk during the day. It eliminates my need to drag the kids down when it's time to wash hands, eat lunch or have lessons. I also don't have to worry about First Daughter climbing up there during her nap time. (First Son is under strict instructions to call us if she tries to climb up at night while he's in it.) I figured it couldn't hurt to keep it out of Second Daughter's reach, too. I didn't want her practicing too much.

I never imagined she'd be able to climb it.

Yeah. All the way to the top. Tonight, just before bed (when it was down so First Son could get in).

Need I remind you she is not yet 14 months old? She's barely walking!


  1. I think Clover was about that age when she first tried the bunk bed ladder at a friend's house and shocked us all by being up on the top bunk without us knowing it! By barely two, she had moved on to climbing all the big ladders at the playground that are designed for ages 5 and up. After the first half a dozen times or so, with her having no trouble whatsoever, I'd be sitting calmly on the playground bench while any other parents would look on in alarm, or ask "Is she okay up there?" :-)

  2. Having just watched Clover's little video, I have to say I'm ambivalent about where our little baby may be headed. I thought First Daughter was precocious, but she has nothing on Second Daughter.

    Just think how much your third will learn from Simon and Clover!

  3. I'm hoping #3 will be the more mellow child, but time will tell.

    Joel and I joke that Clover is probably destined to become an extreme snowboarder or something. Hey, maybe we'll get to watch her in the Olympics someday...

  4. I know it sounds terrible...but I hope none of our kids are Olympic-worthy much driving back and forth for practices. I do not want to be crawling out of bed at four in the morning to drive an hour for gymnastics practice. So unpleasant. And then the stress of watching them compete!

    Don't get me wrong. They'll participate in sports if they want, and I want them to be decent, just not too good.

    I would, however, love to watch Clover in the Olympics. And we know a great sports lawyer who can represent her when she's ready!


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