Friday, October 30, 2009

Quote: The Young People's Book of Saints

But it was not, of course, Albert's learning that made him a saint. The reason he was interested in all natural things was because he saw in them a reflection of the wisdom of God, Who had made them. He had a passion for exact truth, because he was sure that all truth, of whatever nature, must lead to God, Who is Truth; and he was always very careful to distinguish between what he had actually seen for himself and what other people had told him.


One of his sayings was: "It is better to give an egg for the love of God when you are alive than to leave money for a cathedral full of gold when you are dead and do not need it." And, above all, this great scientist knew that there is such a thing as 'excessive' searching after knowledge--the kind of idle curiosity that just wants to know things for the sake of knowing them, or even for pride in discovering them, and not because that knowledge leads to God Who created everything.

Hugh Ross Williamson in The Young People's Book of Saints from The Catholic Company

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