Thursday, March 11, 2010

Happy to be Moving On

We have finally finished Come Look with Me: Enjoying Art with Children and I am so glad to have it behind us. I still love this book myself, but the kids were very uninterested. Only Second Daughter liked looking at the pictures. (Sometimes, First Daughter would flip through the book, but even she did not want to talk about any of the paintings.)

Originally, we were going to spend two weeks on every picture. After a few weeks, I found myself "forgetting" our art or outright skipping it because no one was enjoying it. I recently decided we'd just spend one week on each painting and that seemed a little easier. Now, though, we're all happy to be moving on to something else: A Child's Book of Prayer in Art. I'm not sure if the kids will think this is much different than what we had before, but it's something to try.

For next year, I've already decided we'll switch to Aline Wolf's method: How to Use Child Size Masterpieces. A very kind PaperBackSwap member sent me not only Aline Wolf's book, but the cards for Level 2 and Level 3! So we can try it out for only a small investment. (Again with the disclosure, if you follow the PBS link and join up, I receive a credit for the referral. I wouldn't suggest it if I hadn't been very pleased with our experience, though.)

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