Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The Second Lost Tooth

On Monday night, First Son said he knew his tooth would fall out soon. And it did, about five minutes later!

I seem to have a problem with lost teeth...namely in "losing" them again. You may remember the incident after the first lost tooth. Well, on Monday night, as I was cleaning up after dinner**, I grabbed what I thought was a piece of brown rice and threw it in the chicken bucket. Thank goodness I didn't throw it away (or to the chickens) because I realized about twenty minutes later it was actually his tooth. Being the dedicated mother I am, I dumped that bucket onto the counter and squished everything that looked like brown rice (ugh) until I found it again. First Son will hopefully not know for many many years to come...

** After rereading the first post and this one, I'm beginning to think I shouldn't be in charge of cleaning up after meals anymore...


  1. Funny story! I hope there weren't any chicken guts in the chicken bucket. :)

    And hey, Catherine just lost her second tooth (the same one as First Son) yesterday! We'll have to keep track of this. They seem to be in sync!

  2. H of B, that's funny! I do think they lost the first ones within a few days of each other.

    The chicken bucket mostly held strawberry tops, brown rice, and PB&J remnants. It's the bucket of scraps we feed the chickens each day, so it actually never has chicken in it. (We don't like to feed poultry to the chickens.) It does, on occasion, have raw beef or pork, but not this time. Thank goodness! (It also sometimes has Cheerios that have been sitting in milk all day and yogurt, but again, not this day.)

    Now that I think about it, I was rather lucky at the contents of the chicken bucket as well.


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